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    Guru Jyoti Yatra - 13 Feb 2008
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    Stamp Release on 9th Oct 2011



Jai Shaṅkar Sādhaka-s,  

In view of the advisories and guidelines issued by the Central and the State Governments and with a view to ensure the safety of all devotees, we regret to inform that we are compelled to take the following precautions and measures with immediate effect until further advisory in this matter:

1) All room bookings have been suspended.
2) Bhojanashālā will remain closed for all, except Mat͟h staff.
3) Daily rituals as well as special pūjā-s on all auspicious days will be performed according to the Mat͟h Calendar, as per the normal practice.
4) Devotees are therefore advised not to visit the Mat͟h premises unless essential and unavoidable. Mat͟h Administration however reserves the right to restrict the entry in to the Mat͟͟͟h premises, if necessary.
5) A safe distance should be maintained between the vaidika-s and the devotees / visitors.
6) Due to cancellation of public transports, it is advisable for devotees to avoid traveling to Mat͟h-s.
7) Tourists shall be restricted from entering the Mat͟h premises.

All of you are requested to inform all our laity members immediately.

With Regards,

Praveeṇ P KaḍĪe  
President – Standing Committee

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Ongoing Projects

Shrī Chitrāpur Mat̲h̲
  1. Donations towards the Objects of the Trust
  2. Donations towards the Corpus (above Rs. 50,000/-)
Sāraswat Education Society, MaṅgaῙūru and Koṭekar (Sec 80G eligible)
  1. Parijñān Vidyālaya - New School  on-going construction at Koṭekar,  Phase 2 C and Phase 3
  2. Educate -a-Student Schemes at Gaṇapathy English Medium School, MaṅgaῙūru
  3. Funding of Operating Deficit of Gaṇapathy English Medium School.
Srīvalī Trust, Shirālī (Sec 80G eligible)
  1. Sponsor-a-student Scheme at Srīvalī High School
Parijñān Foundation (Sec 80G eligible)
  1. Medical relief scheme
  2. Saṁvit Sudhā
  3. Post Graduate scholarships
Shrī Chitrāpur Math Charitable Trust (Sec 80G eligible)
  1. Donations towards the Objects of the Trust
  2. Donations towards the Corpus (above Rs. 50,000/-)
Kārlā Education Trust (Sec 80G eligible)
  1. Parijñānāshram Vidyālaya – Funding of operating expenses

Shree Trust (Sec 80G eligible)

  1. Donations towards construction of School Building at Kārlā
  2. Funding of Operating expenses of (SPEVC) Virār
  3. Donations towards the Objects of the Trust/Corpus.

Umā Maheshwara Devasthāna Trust, MaṅgaῙūru

  1. Facade and Peripheral Buildings - renovation
  2. Donations towards the Objects of the Trust
  3. Donations towards the Corpus (above Rs. 50,000/-)
Shrī Anantheshwara Temple Trust, Viṭṭlā
  1. Augmentation of Building Fund
  2. Donations towards the Objects of the Trust
  3. Donations towards the Corpus of the Trust (above Rs. 50,000/-)
Guruprasād Education Society (Sec 80G eligible)
  1. Funding of equipment, books and uniforms.
  2. Donations towards renovation
  3. Donations towards Objects of the Society

Girvanaprathishta (Sanskrit)

Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji's love and reverence for Sanskrit is well known. Following His instructions that Sanskrit learning must be made easy and freely available to everybody who desires to learn it, a group of sadhakas worked to formulate a Step by Step learning programme.
The lessons that you see on our website are designed to take a student from 'I do not know a word of Sanskrit' to 'I can't believe that I can decipher this on my own!'

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