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ADVISORY – Shrī Chitrāpur Mat͟h, Shirālī

24 January 2021

Jai Shankar!

As indicated in the previous Advisory, Shrī Chitrāpur Mat͟h (SCM), Shirālī, it's branch Mat͟h-s and affiliated temples and entities (excepting BeṅgaĪūru Mat͟h, Khār Mat͟h and Kārlā Durgāparmeshwarī Temple) have opened since Makara Saṅkrānti  (14th January 2021).  Adherence to guidelines, norms etc, issued by the local authorities is being ensured at these locations.

SCM Shirālī is open to visitors from 6 AM to 1 PM and from 4 PM to 8.30 PM every day. Prevailing social distancing norms and other guidelines are adhered to at all times, within the Math precincts.

This Advisory is regarding providing stay accommodation for sādhaka-s in the Mat͟h precincts:
Due to the impact of the pandemic, SCM and its affiliated institutions are functioning with minimal staff. Many non-primary activities and facilities which were being provided pre-pandemic, have been scaled down or even halted, and will be restored only after review of the situation.

Providing accommodation to sādhaka-s is being kept to the barest minimum.  Hence, sādhaka-s are requested to seek accommodation facilities only when unavoidable, and it may please be ensured that the Administrative Office is contacted well in advance for this purpose and confirmation obtained regarding availability.

Praveeṇ P. KaḍĪe
President Standing Committee
Shrī Chitrāpur Mat͟h

13 January  2021

Jai Shaṅkar Sādhaka-s,

In partial modification of the advisory regarding Shrī Chitrāpur Mat͟h (SCM), its branch Mat͟h-s and affiliated institutions, this is to inform you with the exception of SCM-BeṅgaĪūru Mat͟h, Khār Mat͟h and Kārlā Durgāparameshwarī Temple, all the other Mat͟h-s and temples will be opened effective from Makara Saṅkrāntī (14th January 2021). 

However, this is subject to adherence of the norms in vogue as issued  by  the respective local authorities, by the Trustees, Vaivāṭdār-s and devotees.

Praveeṇ P. KaḍĪe
President – Standing Committee


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Contribute to SCM’s, manifold activities that promote education, empower women, provide medical assistance and more. Email scm.donor.cell @gmail.com or contact the respective Institution office.
Your donations could fund the following ongoing projects and existing schemes:


Shrī Chitrāpur Mat̲h̲

  • Maintenance and running of the Math - Objects of the Trust
  • The Corpus (minimum Rs. 50,000/-
  • Annadana Scheme 2020 
  • Maintance costs of Anandashraya  home for destitute Chitrapur Saraswats, at Shirali
  • Goshala maintenance
  • Paridharanam: Medical assistance for dialysis
  • Padakanika at the Lotus Feet

Saraswat Education Society (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Parijñān Vidyālay, Kotekar:  New School construction Phase 3 - Project Cost: Rs 750 Lakhs
  • Educate -a-Student at Gaṇapathy English Medium School, MaṅgaῙūru: Rs 10,000 per student per annum.
  • Funding of Operating Deficit of the Educational Institutions run by the Society
  • Donations towards the Society’s Corpus (minimum Rs. 50,000/-)

Srīvalī Trust, Shirālī  (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Sponsor-a-student at Srīvalī High School: Rs 15,000 per student per annum
  • Funding the operating deficit of Srivali High School
  • Donations towards the objects of the Trust.
  • Donations towards Trust Corpus (minimum Rs 50,000)  

Parijñān Foundation (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Medical relief scheme
  • Saṁvit Sudhā Operating Expenses
  • Post Graduate scholarships
  • Donations towards the Foundation Corpus (minimum Rs 50,000)
  • Donations towards the Objects of the Trust.

Shrī Chitrāpur Math Charitable Trust (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Donations towards the Objects of the Trust includes maintenance of Museum
  • Donations towards the Corpus (minimum Rs. 50,000/-)

Guruprasād Education Society (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Funding of equipment, books and uniforms.
  • Donations towards objects of the Society
  • Donations towards the Corpus (minimum Rs. 50,000/-)

Kārlā Education Trust (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Parijñānāshram Vidyālaya – Funding of operating expenses
  • Donations towards the Trust Corpus (minimum Rs 50,000)
  • Donation towards the Objects of the Trust

Shree Trust  (Sec 80G eligible)

  • Funding of Operating expenses of SPEVC, Virār
  • Donations towards the Objects of the Trust Corpus.

Umā Maheshwara Devasthāna Trust, MaṅgaῙūru 

  • Renovation of the Facade and Peripheral Buildings
  • Donations towards the Objects of the Trust
  • Donations towards the Corpus (minimum Rs. 50,000/-)

Shrī Anantheshwara Temple Trust, Viṭṭlā

  • Augmentation of Building Fund
  • Donations towards the Objects of the Trust
  • Donations towards the Trust Corpus (minimum Rs. 50,000/-)


Girvanaprathishta (Sanskrit)

Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji's love and reverence for Sanskrit is well known. Following His instructions that Sanskrit learning must be made easy and freely available to everybody who desires to learn it, a group of sadhakas worked to formulate a Step by Step learning programme.
The lessons that you see on our website are designed to take a student from 'I do not know a word of Sanskrit' to 'I can't believe that I can decipher this on my own!'

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