"The spiritual journey of every individual , through Upasana, and its stabilization through Nishkama Seva, which removes the individual’s self obsession by sensitizing him to the needs of the people around him, are the two main aspects of what we call – Dharmacharana"

Parama Pujya Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji - Mathadhipati Shri Chitrapur Math

How Shri Chitrapur Math serves

Shri Chitrapur Math has set up several Entities and is also patron of others, which are entirely Charitable in nature, running Social Uplift Projects. These Social Uplift Projects are directed towards the surrounding Communities, with no differentiation towards, religion caste or creed.

These Projects are in the Vital areas of Education, Women Empowerment and Service to Community.

Education Women Empowerment Service to Community
Srivali High School
Shirali, Uttar Kannada District
Parimochana Project - Self Help groups in and around Shirali Building Toilets for Households
Guruprasad High School
Mallapur, Uttar Kannada District
Samvit Sudha - Training for manufacturing of products from Textiles Water  Conservation
  • Ganapathy High School
  • GEMS Primary, Secondary and High School
  • GHS PU College
Mangaluru, Dakshin Kannada District
Samvit Sudha HMPP - Hand Made Paper Manufacturing and Projects  
  • Anandashram High School
  • Parijnan PU College
  • Parijnan Vidyalaya
Kotekar, Dakshin Kannada District
Parijnan Vidyalaya
Karla, Maharashtra
Swami Parijnanashram Educational
and Vocational Institute for the Handicapped
Virar, Mumbai