Stepping into Spirituality

A journey beginning in childhood, when the mind and the heart are fertile for sowing the seeds of samskara-s that have been imparted by our Guru Parampara; a time when children learn the basic tenets of spirituality, the fundamental principles of Hinduism in a way which appeals- through tales and rhymes, through stories and poems; a journey marked by the chatter of voices engaged in Vimarsha, the resounding chorus when chanting shloka-s and stotra-s; the giggles, whispers and pockets of deep silence when immersed in a craft activity, the mimicry and laughter when rehearsing dramas; the focus and enthusiasm when engaged in project work; the awe when walking upon nature trails; the upsurge of pride when delving into what is India-; reaffirming ties with Konkani; learning simple Sanskrit sentences; this is what is PRARTHANA- interactions amongst teacher, parent and child ,filled with love, pride, joy and gratitude coming straight from the heart and offered at the charana of our Guru Parampara.

PRARTHANA, a prayer- the first spark where the disciple's fervent appeal is met with the life transforming touch of the Guru.

PRARTHANA- A team of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers and parents working with children as they build happy memories and spiritual and emotional strengths.

PRARTHANA- A journey, developing in teacher, parent and child a deep connection with the Guru, the Guru Parampara, the Lord and Shrī Chitarpur Math- our source of strength and inspiration.

It has always been Parama Pujya Sadyojāt Shaṅkarāshrama Swamiji's wish to have a weekly class conducted for children wherein they are introduced to our ancient Hindu spiritual values. Such samskara-s make for a strong foundation which ensure that our children lead happy and fulfilling lives. Accordingly, with the blessings; and under the guidance of Parama Pujya Swamiji, Prarthana, a course for children, has been formulated and is designed to impart spiritual concepts to children through the simplest of lesson plans.

Prarthana gives us an opportunity to serve our Guru, Parama Pujya Sadyojāt Shaṅkarāshram, in the most fulfilling manner-through our children- and for that we are eternally grateful.