Parijna Patrika

Parijñā Patrikā is an e-paper in Kannaḍa and English, for children of all the schools, which are mentored by Parama Pūjya Sadyojāt Shaṅkarāshram Swāmījī and come under the umbrella of Shrī Chitrāpur Mat̲h̲. 

Covering a wide area, both interesting and inspiring, Parijñā Patrikā brings to the young readers articles on yoga, art and craft, science and technology, sports and international news, Indian culture, a peep into the animal world and much more. Parijñā  Patrikā carries the reports of activities from all the schools and most importantly publishes their feedback, stories and articles too, thus giving them a valuable platform to express their creativity and connect with other readers from different schools.