Girvana Patrika

‘Gīrvāṇapatrikā' is a quarterly Sanskrit e-magazine, published by the Sanskrit wing of Shrī Chitrāpur Mat͟h- ‘Gīrvāṇapratis͟ht͟hā'.  The magazine is being released on the auspicious occasion of the 74th Janmadiwasa of H.H. Shrīmat Parijñānāshram Swāmījī III on the 15th of June 2021.  

Featured in the magazine are interesting stories, articles, Subhās͟hitā-s, comical anecdotes, riddles, written and composed by the Gīrvāṇapratis͟ht͟hā fraternity of teachers, past and present, and students and lovers of the divine language, Sanskrit. Regular reading and writing in Sanskrit is an important element of the learning process of the language and this magazine intends to serve this divine purpose.  

We offer this Sevā humbly at the Holy Feet of our Sadguru.  

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