Karla Education Trust ( KET) is one of the charitable trusts of Shri Chitrapur Math affiliated Trusts & Societies focusing on providing quality education to under- privileged children, or children with special needs. KET is the outcome of fervent requests to our beloved Mathadhipati - Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji from the villagers of Karla, for an affordable and good English medium school at Karla . So far, local residents were forced to send their children by school bus to schools in Lonavala ( which is 10 kms away). They were also unhappy with the standard of education and fees charged in those schools.

KET was thus established in June 2015 with the Blessings of PP Swamiji to meet the educational needs of children from this rural area. With Pujya Swamiji’s Guidance KET undertook the noble project to build and run an English-medium school named Parijnanashram Vidyalaya comprising Pre- Primary, Primary and eventually Secondary sections too on the land leased out to it by Shree Trust near the Durga Parameshwari Mandir at Karla.

Based on the ‘constructivism approach’ that allows a child to observe, analyze, enquire and then absorb any concept, Parijnanashram Vidyalaya is a befitting outcome of the successful Vikas Ghar run under the Srivali Trust, Shirali with Guidance from the reputed NGO, Gram Mangal for three years from 2012 to 2014. Parijnanashram Vidyalaya is thus fulfilling the long-standing desire of parents in Karla and neighbouring villages to educate their children in a good English medium school which is continually striving for excellence.

These local children are mostly first- generation learners from low- income families. Though the villagers were aware of the importance of modern-day quality education to brighten the future of their children, they could ill afford to pay for the infrastructure and well qualified teachers which are needed for the same. At the same time they were self-respecting enough to want to pay for their children’s education. Hence, an ‘affordability factor’ had to be considered carefully while arriving at the present fee - structure.

KET is presently working on the building permissions required for starting the construction of the Primary and Secondary School building. This is scheduled to begin in October 2017 and get completed by June 2018.

Karla Education Trust aims to meet the capital expenditure on the school buildings and initial years ‘revenue deficit with financial support from generous members of our samaja. The financial donations to the Trust are eligible for availing exemption under section 80G exemption of the IT Act 1961.

A few milestones of KET :-

  1. 15th June, 2012: Swami Parijnanashram Vikas Ghar, supported by Srivali Trust, Shirali was established in premises belonging to the Gram Panchayat of Karla. The children attended Vikas Ghar  only for two hours, either before or after their regular school. These children were students of the local Zilla Parishad school. Most of them were average performers, but after they started attending the activities in Vikas Ghar, their performance in their school improved to a great extent and 3 of these children even stood first in class! The number of students enrolled in Vikas Ghar in  June 2012 was 17, In June 2013 it was 45 and in 2014-15 it increased to 96!
  2. 15th June, 2015: With the Blessings of Pujya Swamiji Karla Education Trust started the Pre-Primary section of Parijnanashram Vidyalaya (English Medium ) in Karla with 24 children in Nursery and Junior KG in premises provided by the Karla Gram Panchayat.
  3. 25th August, 2015: Karla Education Trust was registered by the office of the Charity Commissioner, Greater Mumbai and assigned registration No. (E) 31535 (Mumbai).
  4. 16th June, 2016: The Pre-Primary school shifted to its own building on land leased out to Karla Education Trust by Shree Trust, Karla and the Senior KG class was added on. This building was inaugurated by Parama Pujya Swamiji. The number of children enrolled soon grew to 117. Every day Pre-Primary children are provided with a nutritious mid- day snack here.
  5. 17th June , 2016 : The Maharashtra Education Board granted KET’s Parijnanashram Vidyalaya ( English Medium ) permission to start their English Medium Primary school (1st to 5th Standard).
  6. 16th June, 2017 : Parijnanashram Vidyalaya ( English Medium ) started the Primary school classes (1st to 5th Standard) in an afternoon shift at the Pre-Primary school building . It will move to its own new building by next year (2018). All Primary section teachers have been selected on the basis of their qualifications (D.Ed / B.Ed) and fluency in speaking English. These teachers will be given regular training through periodic workshops based on the philosophy of constructivism. Though the school is presently affiliated to the SSC Board, it is proposed that it changes over to CBSE Board subsequently.

Presently, the total number of students at the school is 250 with 190 in the Pre-Primary and 60 in the Primary section and ( of course) still counting ………!