Shukla, Pt. Chandrashekhar Ramakrishna Bhat (aka S.C.R. Bhaṭ)

Vocal – Classical 


Popularly known as Nandā or Nand Bhaṭ, Paṇḍit S.C.R.Bhaṭ was born in a priestly family of Shirālī. Even as a boy, he revealed a strong affinity for music and had the makings of a musician. It was the path-breaking Honnāvar Kṛs̲h̲ṇa Bhaṭ, known to most as Dantavakra Bhaṭ, who spotted Nandā’s talent and took him under his tutelage. 

Music as a career was frowned upon in those days. The tuition had therefore to be conducted in secret, lest the family should object. The guru primarily taught the specialties of Kṛs̲h̲ṇa  Bhaṭ’s own guru Ustād Kāle Khān of Paṭiālā Gharānā, consisting of alaṅkāra-s and paltā-s, which Nandā mastered within no time. However, the lad also came across Bhātkhaṇḍe’s Kramik Pustak Mālā and quickly learnt several bandish-s from the book. When the guru heard Nandā singing bandish-s that he had not taught, he was astonished and decided it was time to seek another guru who could take this brilliant disciple under his wing – Paṇḍit S. N. Ratañjaṅkar (Aṇṇasāheb) in Mumbaī.

Among the first accolades Nand Bhaṭ won was the coveted Bhātkhaṇḍe Gold Medal in 1938 in his Vis̲h̲ārad exam, when he was just 19. He served at the Marris College, Lucknow, for five years before moving to Mumbaī. In 1946, he joined Bhāratīya Vidyā Bhavan at the instance of Aṇṇāsāheb and enriched that institution with his knowledge and experience till 1963. Thereafter he took over the Vice Principalship of Shrīvallabh Saṅgītālaya, where he continued to serve with dedication till, he passed away in Feb 2008. 

Paṇḍit S. C. R. Bhaṭ has given numerous solo and jugalbandi performances all over the country, besides grooming innumerable disciples. In recognition of his great service to music, he was conferred the title of Saṅgītāchārya (Doctor of Music) by Shrīvallabh Saṅgītālaya, Sujan Gaurav Award by the S. N. Ratañjaṅkar Foundation, Shāraṅgdev Award by Sur Singār Sansad, Karnāṭakā Saṅgīt Nṛtya Award by the Government of Karnātakā, Tānsen Sammān by the Madhya Pradesh Kalā Academy, Mahāmahopādhyāya by Chitrāpur Saṁsthāna and the Saṅgīt Nāṭak Akādemī Award by the Government of India.