Rao, Vidushi Lalith J


Vidus͟hī Lalith J. Rāo is the acknowledged doyenne of the Āgrā-Atraulī Gharānā, having trained under stalwarts like Padma Bhūs͟haṇ Ustād Khādim Hussain Khān, Paṇḍit Rāmarāo Nāik, and Paṇḍit Dinkar Kaikiṇī. Her mastery and contributions to Indian Classical Music have been recognised and awarded at the State and National levels. She has performed over a thousand concerts across the world and made a mark at almost every major music festival and music circle of the country.

Apart from enriching Indian Classical Music with her unique productions and performances, she has contributed to the field in myriad and diverse ways. She has headed and implemented a Ford Foundation archival project for the Saṅgīta Research Academy of Kolkatā. She herself rendered a few hundred Āgrā Gharānā Rāga-s and compositions for the archives of the Ethno-Musicolgy Dept of Washington University, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) Mumbai and an Ahmedābād-based music foundation. Propagating the cause of Hindustānī Classical music and tradition has always been close to her heart, and towards which she has conducted scores of lecture-demonstrations at renowned Universities and Music Schools. A long-time “Top-grade” artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan, she’s currently grooming talented musicians in BeṅgaĪūru and abroad in the authentic Āgrā-Atrauli Gharānā tradition. It is a tribute to her dedication and effort that BeṅgaĪūru is today recognised as an important hub of the Gharānā.

At the instance of Parama Pūjya Sadyojāt Shaṅkarāshram Swāmījī, a multi-media musical performance “Guru Vātsalyam Shis͟hya Sharaṇāgati” was produced by her and was released on 9th October 2016 on the occasion of the Shāradīya Navarātri Utsava. 


•    Central Saṅgīta Nāṭak Akādemi Award, Govt. of India, 2017
•    Karnāṭaka Rājyotsava Prashasthi, Govt. of Karnāṭaka, 2017 
•    " Karnāṭaka Kalāshree" Gaurava Puraskār, Karnāṭaka Saṅgīta Nritya Academy, 2012
•    "Tana Riri" Award, Gujarāt State Saṅgīta Nāṭak Academy for Life-time achievement, 2016
•    "Nishāgāndhī Puraskāram", Govt. of KeraĪā Life-time Achievement award, 2014


•    Bhairav to Bhairavī:  performed in BeṅgaĪūru, Dhārwād, Kolkatā, New Delhi and at the NCPA in Mumbaī. 
•    Āgrā Gharānā - Ek Vaṭavriks͟h: Along with her disciples, performed in BeṅgaĪūru, NCPA, Bhavan’s Cultural Centre & Suburban Music Circle in Mumbaī, Bhārat Bhavan in Bhopāl and Gandharva Mahāvidyālaya in New Delhi.
•    Rāg Raṅg Samay Yatra and Pañchraṅgī Rāgon kā ek Guldastā, performed in BeṅgaĪūru and NCPA Mumbaī.   
•    Naman Sajan Piyā a musical production in BeṅgaĪūru on her association with her guru Ustād Khādim Hussain Khān along with her twelve disciples.
•    Characteristics of the Āgrā Gharānā a LecDem with her disciples on the aesthetics and specialities of the Gharānā, at NCPA in Mumbaī, Saptak in Ahmedābād and Bhātkhaṇḍe Saṅgīta Vidyālaya in Lucknow.
•    Namanāñjalī a multi-media musical tribute to the erstwhile musical stalwarts Paṇḍits Chidānand Nagarkar and S. C. R. Bhaṭ in their centenary year at Chowdiāh Memorial Hall, BeṅgaĪūru
•    A series of 13 LecDems on Samaprakṛiti Rāga-s for the Amṛitavars̲h̲iṇī FM channel of All India Radio BeṅgaĪūru, which are broadcast quite regularly.