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Read  Saṁskṛtaṁ Vadāma – Let us speak Sanskrit, A Report on Gīrvāṇavaikharī inaugural session on 10th of January, 2021.

Vaikharī is the divinity presiding over faculty of speech. It is the articulate expression of sound or words for communication. The ability to speak is not only an enjoyable part of language learning; it improves your knowledge of grammar and pronunciation and also builds vocabulary.  

The Gīrvāṇavaikharī course encourages the participants to learn Sanskrit through conversations.
Online classes are held once a week for about one and half hour. The total course duration is for about four months comprising 16 sessions. 

A maximum of 20 students are enrolled in one batch. 

Salient features of the course –
-    The language is introduced through interactive fun-filled sessions using pictures, games, quizzes, stories and dialogues. 
-    Ample vocabulary is provided to encourage daily life conversations. 
-    ‘A subhās͟hita a week’ reinforces the concepts taught.
-    Weekly oral assignments are given to encourage vocabulary building.
-    Oral assessments are conducted during the session through individual and group activities. 
-    Students who do not have prior knowledge of Sanskrit or Devanāgarī script can also join.
-    Beginners gain confidence to take up serious study of Sanskrit grammar elements.

For students desiring to learn Sanskrit grammar in detail, Gīrvāṇapratis͟ht͟hā conducts Online courses in a graded series commencing with the basic level called Ārādhanā-Prabodhaḥ. This proceeds to higher levels with Sādhanā-Prabodhaḥ and Dhāraṇā-Prabodhaḥ.  

For details refer to the respective links under the “Online Classes” tab.

Sustained efforts to converse in Sanskrit, while also pursuing these courses offered, greatly helps in building all language skills.

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 Ārādhanā Prabodhaḥ


Read Gīrvāṇapratis͟ht͟hā goes online with ‘Prabodhaḥ:  a report on the first batch launched on 9th December 2020.

This is the first step towards learning Sanskrit. 

Ārādhanā Prabodhaḥ introduces you to the elements of basic grammar and teaches you how to construct sentences in the active voice.  The mode of instruction will be in English / Hindi.

The subhāshitā-s and stories in Ārādhanā Prabodhaḥ help you see these grammar elements in use, and the assignments and tests will help you strengthen your concepts.

We encourage our students to use what they have learnt in writing and in conversation.

Here is an overview of the curriculum:
•    Identifying vowels and consonants
•    Pronunciation
•    Vibhakti-s of नामपदम् (अ-कारान्त, आ-कारान्त and इ/ई-कारान्त) and सर्वनामपदम् 
•    Five tenses of क्रियापदम् – परस्मैपदी and आत्मनेपदी धातुs, क्तवतुप्रत्यय,
•    अव्ययपदानि, त्वान्त, तुमन्त, स्वर-सन्धिः, 
•    व्यञ्जन-सन्धिः, संख्या, days of the week and today, tomorrow etc., letter writing. 


Click here to read Gīrvāṇapratis͟ht͟hā goes online with ‘Prabodhaḥ:  a report on the first batch launched on 9th December 2020.

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These are the elements that you will study in  Sādhanā Prabodhaḥ
•    Vibhakti-s of नामपदम्  (इ/ई-कारान्त, उ/ऊ-कारान्त, ऋ-कारान्त, व्यञ्जनान्त)
•    कर्तरि / कर्मणि with tenses 
•    Pratyaya-s: क्तप्रत्यय and क्तवतुप्रत्यय, शतृ-शानच् प्रत्यय 
•    सङ्ख्या, सम्भाषणलेखनम्, चित्रवर्णनम्, अपूर्णकथापूरणम्, निबन्धलेखनम्  
As in Ārādhanā Prabodhaḥ, you will have assignments and tests and be expected to use what you have learnt in your writing and conversation.


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Dhāraṇā Prabodhaḥ builds on the skills you have picked up in Ārādhanā Prabodhaḥ and Sādhanā Prabodhaḥ and will teach you the other elements of sentences that make for more complex constructions. This will equip you to take up the study of both - contemporary and traditional Sanskrit texts with confidence.  The mode of instruction will be in English / Hindi.

You will learn   
1. to decipher shloka-s and stotra-s 
2. the topics mentioned below:
•    माहेश्वरसूत्राणि, गुण/वृद्धि/दीर्घ/सम्प्रसारणम् 
•    भाववाचक संज्ञा, नामधातु, च्विप्रयोग, णिच् प्रत्यय, सतिसप्तमी, सतः षष्ठी
•    समास and सन्धिविचार 
•    इच्छार्थक, छन्दस् विचार, अलङ्कार विचार, सुभाषितान्वयक्रमः, लोकोक्तयः, न्यायाः, सुभाषितानि 


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