Dear Sanskrit studies Team,
At the outset, let me try and express my boundless delight to have finally found an organisation which has raised the bar for sanskrit teaching and learning across the globe. Your lessons are so full of life, and inspiring that the student is glued to them right from the word go. The humour is 24-carat gold and the exercises have been perceptively designed and positioned, giving ample breathing space to the student to grasp each concept and move up the value chain at his or her pace - led more by interest than instruction. Your model is worth adulation and emulation in the same breath.
I stumbled upon your site in the course of my umpteen voyages to scout for good resources to help my son improve his grades (he is in the Xth Standard) but your site has done much more, it has made him fall in love with sanskrit.
All adjectives would fall short in expressing my deep sense of gratitude.
Our humble pranams at the feet of parama pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji.
Warm regards

Sudhir R.
Actor, Writer, Consultant
22nd February 2016

I am Savithri T., a 48 year old home maker from Hyderabad, who is trying to learn Sanskrit through your online lessons. First of all let me express my heartfelt gratitude for providing me this opportunity. The lessons are very interesting and your style of presentation made it easy and absorbing.
However I feel, more exercises i.e. translating English sentences to Sanskrit like in the first lessons will be very helpful in the later lessons also. I feel more thorough and confident with the first lessons because of these exercises.
Thanking you once again for your efforts in helping people like me who wants to learn Sanskrit at home,
With Pranams

Savithri T.
22nd September 2015

I don't have words to thank you for your very systematic and very clear notes on Sanskrit grammar. Since I had all along dreamed of focusing on Sanskrit, I had collected a number of books that assist in learning the language, but your lessons have made all those books redundant.
Thanks for your great service on behalf of all Sanskrit lovers.

Satish Kumar D.Chennai
3rd January 2016

Your Sanskrit lessons are excellent. They are especially good for someone like me who has some idea of the grammar but gets confused here and there. Explanations in your lessons make these doubts clear and help gain speed in reading and understanding Sanskrit.

Satish Kumar D.Chennai
18th December 2016

Dear Chitrpur matham Sanskrit teachers,
namo namah
I love your sankrit lessons. You really care to bring love for Sanskrit. Reading your lessons from your website makes us feel we are actually in your Guru-kuula !
Vande guru paramparaa,
With respects and eagerly waiting for your reply,

VisvapriyaaEngland (from Srirangam)
26th March 2016

I am writing to convey my sincere thanks for the Sankskrit lessons that have been provided on your website.
I have been reading them for close to 2 years now. Even as I am pursuing my Sanskrit studies through other avenues( Samskrita Bharathi's programmes), I have come to rely on the material offered through your website both for additional practice as well as the supplemental or some times the main material itself to understand the concepts and the usage. I like the fact that the answers to the exercises have been incorporated which help a new student cross-check his or her work and correct the mistakes.
I must also comment the creators of the tutorials for their easy and light hearted style of presenting the concepts. Many a time I come confused and worried abt a concept and am always smiling by the time I am doing the exercises. They have been very helpful in understanding the participle forms.
Am looking forward to any further lessons that might be offered.

Neel Kamal16th September 2016

Namonamah :
I am attending weekend Sanskrit classes at Mumbai University.
I look up your lessons for additional practice & clarifying certain concepts which are not clear through my classes.

Manoj S.4th October 2016

Hari Om,
I have just stumbled across your website and have started going through your Sanskrit lessons. It is so..... useful to me and to my children too, who also have taken a liking to learning Sanskrit along with me. Thank you so much for making it available for people like us.

Shylaja13th September 2016

I've been reading your sanskrit lessons for three weeks now & I must say, that, I found your website to be the BEST SANSKRIT LEARNING MATERIAL on the internet yet. No one can make a language learning more interesting. I gotta give you that.
As I'm studying it everyday, I've already finished Lesson 26. I've stumbled upon what might be an error. Just wanted to clarify that with you.
As the queries involved some devanagiri scripts, I've enclosed them as a pdf attachment. Please revert back.
Thanks in advance for your time.
And thanks for the great job you guys are doing down there.

27th January 2010

Dear sir,
I am learning and above all enjoying the lessons. This is what I wanted. Exercises and answers to help.
I am a Tamil speaking Malaysian. I know Tamil.I had a very good Sanskrit teacher for some months. She returned to Chenai. Fortunately I found your website. My teacher was very good in the literature and poems. That too I liked. BUT She did not teach me to make sentences like you are doing. I have the basic knowledge but cannot read a passage to undestand it. With your lessons I am doing much better. I am on 4th month in the lessons.
Please keep on with your style. It is also amusing. I am learning Sanskrit because I love to Learn and this language is beautiful in the verses etc.
Thank you.
Yours truly

Thavamany S.Malaysia
10th February 2013

Respected Teachers of Sanskrit lessons,
I am a student of Advait Vedanta and doctor by profession. I have had yearning to learn Sanskrit for many years, primarily because its the language in which our sacred scriptures have expressed their profound thoughts.
Therefore, I had been looking for, books and teachers, that could have helped me learn the ropes of this glorious language. I stumbled upon the lesson available on your website They are of great help , as the presentation is limpid and seems to have been worked out, after lot of deliberation. Despite the lucid style, it covers all the essential technical aspects involved in learning the various aspects of Sanskrit grammar.
As I have been immensely benefited from these lessons I wish express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your work.
With Warm Regards

Dr Vishal DAllahabad
27th November 2010

Dear Sir
A word of appreciation for the way the content has been given in Sanskrit Step by step. Never imagined Sanskrit could be so easy to learn. The writer's humorous comments in between are really making the whole learning very joyful and fun. The whole approach is very engrossing and awesome.
The other day i bought three books ( in series) from a nearby bookshop ( he had only those). I tried learning from it but it was very depressing with no proper explanations.
Thanks for such creative way of making a language learn and my genuine appreciation for the cause.
Best regards

Babita A20th November 2010

Namaste Guruji,
I have been using your Sanskrit website as a source to self learn Sanskrit. To me, it has been of tremendous help and a source of immense knowledge.
I’ve been able to understand simple slokas and sentences. To be honest I never ever imagined that it could be possible. Now, to my absolute disbelief I began understanding slokas in Bhagavat Geetha!!!
The areas I found the lessons especially strong are the participles. I could never get myself to understand them. At the same time these participles occur frequently in Sanskrit texts and their mastery is an absolute must. Nowhere could find a simpler text than your website to master participles. But, the lessons on samaas are still strong. If you could look into this closely and be able to break them down into more simple terms or with detailed explanations / exercises it would be very helpful. Also, in the same vein I wish to request a favour as well. Would you please consider on compiling a few lessons on verbal-nouns. They are found commonly in Sanskrit texts and are a cause for confusion.
I sincerely appreciate your noble cause and truly lost words to express my gratitude.
With regards

D K Varma12th September 2008

Dear Sirs,
I would like to thank you for putting online this fantastic course. I think it’s done really well.
I also would like to ask if the course finishes with the 64th lesson or if it will continue and after which lesson a good student could pass the first exam.
Thank you for your time,
I’m looking forward to hearing from you,
Yours sincerely

28th September 2008

First, I would really like to praise your effort in putting this compilation. Although I've just read the first 3 chapters I must say this is the most comprehensible study put together so far. Somehow the language now makes sense to me. Please keep up the good work in keeping this language alive.
I've just one request that might also have come from others. And that is to provide some audio espcially for the Varanmala. This will help us learn and speak the language correctly rather than guessing.
Thank You

Dilip B.9th July 2006