With the Blessings of The Guru…     

The first issue of The Chitrāpur Sunbeam was published in January 1954, and began befittingly, with Blessings from H.H Shrīmad Ānandāshram Swāmījī.  The next issue (April, 1954) carried the English translation from Kannaḍā, which is reproduced below.



The previous decision of the Standing Committee of the Mahasabha to start a quarterly magazine named the Chitrapur Sunbeam on behalf of the Math for the propagation of Dharma amongst its followers and the communication of Math news, which had hitherto, on account of unfavourable conditions, been in the shape of a plan, is now being translated into action.

The fact of our people having lost touch with their original seat of Dharma after migrating to the south of the country, having realised the need for a Guru-Math for the regulation of conduct and thought in religious matters, and having newly established a Math, is within the knowledge of all. Formerly, when our people lived in the South and North Kanara Districts, as they were visiting the Math from time to time and as His Holiness was also generally touring in all towns where they were residing, the connection between the Guru and disciples was both solid and beneficent. As our people have now, for the sake of a living, spread to all parts of the country, although the tour of His Holiness covers places where there is a large population, a condition has again arisen in which there is no touch with the Math so far as residents of far-off places with a small population are concerned. Hence, although suggestions were coming from leaders among disciples here and there and now and then, that it would be good to publish such a magazine in order that the connection between the Math and its disciples might universally grow, it was not possible to achieve this at a village like Shirali which had no printing press and other facilities, and through the Math’s employees who had no suitable experience, That the Standing Committee has started the publication of this magazine as if to supply this want, is both timely and satisfactory.
The happiness and peace which man desires are not obtainable by application to mere enjoyment and wealth. They are to be secured by devotion to the Paramatman. That devotion follows Dharma which is in the shape of conduct conformable to the attainment of the Paramatman who is an embodiment of eternal bliss. Even the fulfilment of desire, which people believe to be the cause of happiness, can be beneficial only if it accords with Dharma. Dharma, while it is thus a means to man’s individual happiness, is also the cause of the well-being of society through truth, harmlessness, compassion to living beings, doing good to others and other wholesome ideas comprehended in it. Only because it supports the world, it has secured the name of Dharma. If truth, harmlessness, etc. are sought to be practised as mere ethical principles and without the foundation of Dharma, there is the probability that they will remain only in speech and our conduct may be at variance with them.

We pray at the feet of the Paramatman and hope that He may bless that this magazine may be a means of propagation of such Dharma which is the cause of prosperity and the highest good and of strengthening the relations between the society and the Math, and that it may live and grow for a long time.