Lesson 23 C. Banquet Lesson Exercises with Asmad.

Nouns Avyayas Adjectives
        library M  
         उत्तमः/ उत्तमं / उत्तमा excellent
        gift M   
        अवश्यम् definitely/ surely  
        inspiration F 
        answer N 



Note: The sentences are either in the present tense or in the imperative mood. They sound downright ridiculous in conversations. As we learn the other tenses and moods, my sentences will sound far better. i promise.                                                                                     

A. Translate:
1. Pranav:   Arre, Sudha, Ramesh, where are the two of you going?
Ramesh:      We are going to the library, Pranav. You also come with us.
Pranav:       Today is my friend's birthday. I am buying a gift for him from the market. But definitely get me a book from the library.
Ramesh:       I am bringing a book for my friend. Afterwards, take that book from me.
Sudha:        We are meeting again in our school for the purpose of reading books.
                   (for the purpose of reading books will be just one word! Can you figure it out without looking at the answers?)
Pranav:      When our teachers look at us then they are thinking that we are excellent students!
Sudha:         But that is the truth! And the teachers' faith is in us.
Ramesh:       My teacher tells me that from us the children of our class obtain inspiration.
Sudha:         Pranav, Ramesh, come to my house now. Let us drink tea.
                    Afterwards, Ramesh, you go to that friend's house and we are going to the library.
2. My father loves me.
3. Our house is in Dadar.
4. The teacher asks a question but from me answers do not arise.
5. My mother comes with the two of us to school.
6. That boy is angry with me .
7. The lion looks at the two of us. He is not afraid of us.
8. I have two girls.
9. Place your faith in me.
10. The shopkeeper obtains wealth from us.
B.  Recognize the following forms. One has been done for you.
     मत् --- अस्मद् , पञ्चमी विभक्तिः एकवचनम् --- from me.
1. मह्यम्
2. अस्मान्
3. मयि
4. आवयोः
5. माम्
6. अस्मत्
7. अस्मासु
8. नौ
9. मम
10. अस्माभिः


                                                        Please do the exercises in the Buffet lesson as well. The Lesson follows(23 D)

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