Lesson 22 C. Banquet Lesson P.P.s, A.P.s and U.P.s.

Nouns Verbs
                 वसुन्धरा The Earth F                         ईक्ष् (1. A.P. to see)
                 चित्रम् picture N                        कम्प् (1. A.P. to tremble)
                 मेघगर्जनम् thunder N                        कूर्द् (1.A.P. to jump.)
                 नौका boat F  
                       त्रै (त्राय् , 1.A.P. to save.)
                         भाष् (1. A.P. to speak) 
                         मुच् (मुञ्च्  6. U.P. to discard/ let go)
                       मुद् (मोद् 1.A.P. to be happy)
                         याच् (1. A.P. to beg/ ask for )
                         लभ् (1. A. P. to obtain.)
                         वृत् (वर्त् 1. A.P. to be) 
                         वृध् (वर्ध्  1. A.P. to grow.)


Trip up alert:
Just as the present tenses of the P.P. and the A.P. are different, so are the imperative moods. Since we have not done the imperative mood of the A.P., you will need to use the P.P. wherever necessary.
Translate, using as many A.P. verbs as you can.
1. I am looking at a book. There are many pictures in the book. Look, Madhav, do you see the boy in this picture? The boy is asking for milk from the shopkeeper. Here, in this picture, the shopkeeper is giving the milk to the boy. The boy obtains the milk. The shopkeeper obtains wealth.
2. Look at the clouds in the sky, Sudha. Look at the rain! It is falling on the leaves. The leaves are trembling. The rain is falling on the earth. When I hear the thunder, then I think that the earth is trembling too. I look towards the sky. When the rain falls on my face, then i am happy. Sudha, are you happy too?
3. The boy falls into the lake from the boat. The boy is afraid of the water. He is not swimming. The man sees the boy. He jumps into the lake. He swims towards the boy. He holds him with his hand. He does not let go of the boy's hand. He saves him.
4. Radha, come to the garden. Sit here. Look at the trees. There are trees everywhere in the garden. Creepers grow in the garden too. Flowers are growing on the trees and creepers. Look at flowers, Radha, do not look at the people.
5. The teacher speaks. The students do not listen. They are speaking too. The teacher is angry with the students but they are not afraid of him.
6. I go to the temple. I do namskaar to the Lord. I beg for wealth. The two men beg for food outside the temple. Many children come to the temple. They beg for knowledge. An old man too is doing namaskara to the Lord. He asks for happiness.

I assume that my Banquetites do the Buffet lessons as well. Don't miss the B and C sections of Buffet Lesson 22 A.
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