Lesson 22 B. Buffet Lesson Answers to Lesson 22 A.
1. A lion is in the forest.   (एकः)सिंहः वने वर्तते |
2. The men are in the boat.  नराः नौकायां वर्तन्ते |
3. You two hear the thunder. युवां मेघगर्जनम् आकर्णयथः / शृणुथः |
4. The trees grow in the garden. वृक्षाः उद्याने वर्धन्ते |
5. The two men speak to the president of the workplace. नरौ कार्यालयस्य अध्यक्षं भाषेते |
6. The earth trembles. वसुन्धरा कम्पते |
7. The Lord saves His devotees from bad people. देवः तस्य भक्तान् दुर्जनेभ्यः त्रायते ।
8. The boys are happy. बालकाः मोदन्ते |
9. You speak to the girl. त्वं बालिकां भाषसे |
10. All of us beg for money. वयं धनं याचामहे|
11. He obtains wealth from the rich man. सः धनिकात् धनं लभते |
12. I do not let go of Truth. अहं सत्यं न मुञ्चे |
13. The two of us jump from the tree onto the ground (earth). आवां वृक्षात् कूर्दावहे वसुन्धरायाम् |
14. The two of you are looking at the pictures. युवां चित्राणि ईक्षेथे |
15. New York is in America. न्यूयॉर्कः अमेरिकायां वर्तते |


B: Conjugate: (I'm sure, you do this by yourselves (As my 4 year old grandchild tells me -- Wait I will do this by m'self!--) and you too do not want me to do this for you!)
C.   ANSWERS to:  Try form the verbs for the following :
1. मार्ज् (10. U.P. to wipe clean) मार्जयति, मार्जयते That is why a cat is called a मार्जारः because it is constantly licking itself to keep clean!
2. रट् (1. P.P. to memorize.) रटति |
3. युध् (4. A.P. to make war/ to fight) युध्यते |
4. त्रुट् (6. P.P. to break.) त्रुटति |
5. यत् (1 A.P. to try.) यतते |



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