Lesson 22 A  Buffet Lesson  P.P.s and A.P.s and U.P.s.

                                     परस्मै पदम् आत्मने पदम् and उभय पदम्

Nouns Verbs
                   वसुन्धरा The Earth F  ईक्ष्  (1. A.P. to see)
                   चित्रम् picture N         कम्प् (1. A.P. to tremble)
                   मेघगर्जनम् thunder N     कूर्द् (1.A.P. to jump.)
                   नौका boat F        त्रै (त्राय् 1.A.P. to save.)
         भाष् (1. A.P. to speak) 
                                               मुच् (मुञ्च्  6. U.P. to discard/ let go)
                 मुद् (मोद् 1.A.P. to be happy)
                    याच् (1. A.P. to beg/ to ask for )
         लभ् (1. A. P. to obtain.)
      वृत् (वर्त्  1. A.P. to be) 
            वृध् ( वर्ध्  1. A.P. to grow.) 



Trip up alert:
Just as the present tenses of the P.P. and the A.P. are different, so are the imperative moods. Since we have not done the imperative mood of the A.P., you will need to use the P.P. wherever necessary.
A.  Translate using the A.P. verbs.
1. A lion is in the forest.
2. The men are in the boat.
3. You two hear the thunder.
4. The trees grow in the garden.
5. The two men speak to the president of the workplace.
6. The earth trembles.
7. The Lord saves His devotees from bad people.
8. The boys are happy.
9. You speak to the girl.
10. All of us beg for money.
11. He obtains wealth from the rich man.
12. I do not let go of Truth.
13. The two of us jump from the tree onto the ground (earth).
14. The two of you are looking at the pictures.
15. New York is in America.
B. Conjugate all the verbs taught today.
By the end of the session, you would naturally have memorized the A.P. present tense table as well.
C. Try to form the verbs for the following :
1. मार्ज्  (10. U.P. to wipe clean)
2. रट् (1. P.P. to memorize.)
3. युध् (4. A.P. to make war/ to fight)
4. त्रुट् (6. P.P. to break.)
5. यत् (1 A.P. to try.)


                                                                              Answers in the next Lesson 22 B


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