Lesson 17 E   Summing up Month 3 

By the end of the third month you would have achieved the following...
• Memorized राम, वन, माला, तद्  and एतद् ( all three genders) and know without a doubt which vibhakti performs what function.
• Be able to recall rules that have been supplied with the introduction of each vibhakti. For example, नमः  goes with चतुर्थी विभक्ति etc.
• Added a further 64 words to your vocabulary...which makes it a grand total of 200 words!
• Realized that  our Subhashita section must not be ignored..
Subhashitas provide us with an accurate representation of how Sanskrit is written. As and when we memorize them, parts of those Subhashitas can be used  in regular conversations and compositions. Many new words are introduced in that section which may not be repeated in our lessons.( How else, my dears, do i make sure that you are reading them?!)
                                                                  And now we march into Month 4 ! We study Saptami Vibhakti in Lesson 18

                                                                It will tell us how deep we are IN it (meaning our studies of Sanskrit)

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