Subhashita 18. Who am i ?
i often sit alone and lose myself in nature that surrounds me. Yes, even cities offer space if one so wishes. In those times of quietude, i find myself doing a Vimarsha within...
 i had just come across a subhashita and had begun to delve into what it really wanted to say .....for words expressed in Sanskrit are oceans of thoughts in a drop of language.
किं करिष्यन्ति वक्तारः श्रोता यत्र न विद्यते |
नग्नक्षपणके देशे रजकः किं करिष्यति ||


What will orators do if a listener is not present?
In a country inhabited by naked mendicants, what will a washerman do?
The Ego can really make us believe that we are exceptional creatures. But that holds "true" only if the world too accepts it. If the world chose to think otherwise, would we be "special" ? Worse....should our natural right to be happy depend on how the world views us? Would we be less special?
Then how far are we right in feeding our egos? Rather than place that "special tag" on our personalities, shouldn't we place it on the "real us" and discover the treasure of the Lord within?

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