Subhashita 19. Eligibility Certificates.
A long long time ago, in a little town, lived a little girl. She was a brilliant child and her parents made sure that she was well educated. Time passed. The little girl grew up. a had heard about her intelligence and beauty. Many sought her hand in marriage. Proposals poured in. Wealth and beauty did not matter to the girl. To her, character and intelligence were the criteria to agree to a marriage.
Every suitor that came was asked a question. None was able to give her a satisfactory answer.
To one particular person, who boasted of his command over Sanskrit Grammar, she asked, " What forms are the words विहस्य, विहाय and अहम् ?" And our man replied, " विहस्य is the षष्ठी विभक्ति एकवचन  and विहाय  is the चतुर्थी विभक्ति एकवचन form of the word विह | अहम्  is the द्वितीया विभक्ति एकवचन  form of अह |"
(The poor guy made his inferences from the प्रत्यय s स्य, य and म् |In actuality, the word विहस्य is the ल्यबन्त् form of वि + हस्  meaning " having laughed." The word विहाय is the ल्यबन्त् form of वि + हा  meaning " having thrown." अहम् as you all know, is the प्रथमा विभक्ति एकवचन form of the pronoun  अस्मद्) 
Listen to our maiden's quick reply,
यस्य षष्ठी चतुर्थी च विहस्य विहाय च |
यस्याहं च द्वितीया च, द्वितीया स्यामहं कथम् ||


यस्य (He) whose  विहस्य is the षष्ठी form and whose विहाय is the चतुर्थी form, whose अहम् (यस्य अहं) is the द्वितीया form, how can I (स्याम् अहं)  be his द्वितीया ? How can I be his wife?

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