Subhashita 17. Shiva's Good Luck Charm.
My Dear Lord,
When this goes up on the website and You get to read it, i beg You....PLEASE do not be angry. You see, it is only when you love someone very much can you actually tease him (sorry , Him). You should realize that it is only because i love You deeply that i allow myself the freedom to say what i do. You will not take it amiss, will You?
स्वयं पञ्चमुखः, पुत्रौ गजाननषडाननौ |
दिगम्बरः कथं जीवेद् अन्नपूर्णा न चेद् गृहे ||


स्वयं  Himself पञ्चमुखः The One with  five faces, पुत्रौ  Two sons, गजाननषडाननौ Gajanana....the One with an elephant's head and Shadanana.... the One with six faces. He himslf is दिगम्बरः (दिशः एव अम्बराणि (garments)यस्य सः ) The One who has only the directions दिशः to cover Himself....  sky-clad...   ( a sign of poverty....too poor to afford clothes) कथं  how जीवेद् would He live ( with so many mouths to feed) अन्नपूर्णा न चेद् गृहे  if Annapoorna were not( living) in His home?
i trust that my case, which  has been placed at Your feet, has been understood and i shall not be going Kamadeva's way.
Deeply worried,
In need of immediate assurance,
yours, a.
( P.S. i have two young children who need me still.)

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