Lesson 56 A. Working with the शानच् प्रत्यय ।

Note : Be sure to add the मान / माना  to the conjugated form of the verb after you have removed the ते ।

1. He is feeling/becoming happy. मुद्  (मोदते)
2. You were present yesterday for the president's speech. विद् (विद्यते)
3. The man performing the yajna is my father. यज् ( यजते)
4. Vikramaditya is the king's name who is waging a war. युध् ( युध्यते)
5. Do not be angry with the two girls who are serving. सेव् ( सेवते)
6. The child ( अपत्य N) went to the temple with the women who were praying.   वन्द् ( वन्दते)
7. I see the children who are happy. मुद्  ( मोदते)
8. The princess accepted the flowers from the priest who was worshipping.  भज् (भजते)
9. I have faith in the people who are tolerant. सह् ( सहते)
10. The police are beating the thieving men with a stick.  चुर् ( चोरयते)
( Trip up alert.)
                                                                          Answers follow in the next Lesson 56 B

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