Lesson 40 A. Exercises with the अस्  ending words

Translate the story that follows the table, below:. (Absolutely untrue and NOT from our Puranas.)

Nouns Verbs Avyayas Adjectives
      लोकः  world M        वृ   वारयति to drive away        शीतयितुम् to cool  
      सृष्टिः  creation F        याच्  1. A.P. to beg        ऋते  except for  
      सवितृ Sun M        गुह् गूहति_ते 1. U.P. to hide.     
      शान्तिः peace F         
      शशकः rabbit M        
      क्षमा forgiveness F        




1. The Creator looked down at His three worlds (निजलोकत्रयम् )
2. He called all the inhabitants of the heavens, " Come Gods, see my creation.
3. This creation arose from my mind.
4. See the Moon and the Sun.
5. That is the Sun.
6. See how he drives away the darkness!
7. That is the Moon.
8. With the Moon's light, peace enters people's minds.
9. On the Moon lives a rabbit.
10. Nothing lives on the Sun.
11. When it is dawn, Apsaras play in the clouds.
12. With their clothes, they hide the Sun and Moon.
13. Then there is nothing but darkness.
14. With this,  Durvasa becomes angry with the Apsaras.
15. The Rishis of the forest and the Apsaras beg him for forgiveness.
16. They give him water from that lake and cow's milk to cool his anger.
17. The three worlds (लोकत्रयम् ) are in the sky. ( Remember the Ganesh story 32 C ?)
18. To those who write about the Sun, the Moon and the three worlds, I will give fame.

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