Lesson 40. The Moon on my Head. अस्  ending words
How else can i ensure that you click onto my lessons?  i have to concoct titles that place me amongst the Gods.
Time to work on our अस् ending words.
The masculine nouns, which will go like चन्द्रमस्  the moon,   will include
दिवौकस्  the one who lives in the heavens.... God,
वेधस्  Brahma, the Creator,
दुर्वासस्  The Rishi Durvasa,
वनौकस्  The One who lives in the forest .... a Rishi.
The feminine words like उषस्  ( dawn) ,  and अप्सरस् ( Apsara... Heavenly nymphs) are also declined like चन्द्रमस् ।
The neuter nouns, which will go like पयस् ( meaning both water and milk), will include words like
मनस्  mind
शिरस्  head
वचस्  speech
तेजस्  Brightness/ Splendour
यशस्  fame
नभस्   sky
तमस्  darkness
सरस्   lake
वासस्  cloth
वयस्   age


Certain neuter words are declined in a slightly different manner. Our standard for this set is  धनुस् meaning "a bow"... as in an arrow and bow.
Words that will be declined like it are:
 आयुस्  age,
 चक्षुस्   eye
 वपुस्   body
The word श्रेयस्  is an adjective. It means " better than". This is declined in a different manner. The masculine will go like श्रेयस् , the feminine like नदी and the neuter like पयस् ।
कनीयस्, कनीयसी, कनीयस्  ... youngest
गरीयस्, गरीयसी, गरीयस् ......   oldest
ज्यायस्, ज्यायसी, ज्यायस् ....... eldest
प्रेयस्, प्रेयसी, प्रेयस् ...............  loved.


So we need to only have the masculine declined words in our Supplement.
Whenever you come across these  अस्  ending words,  you can look up ,Supplement 30 to figure out what they mean.  Our exercises will only deal with the simple, commonly used  words like moon, head, mind etc.
                                                                             Let us go ahead to the exercises in Lesson 40 A

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