Lesson 32.Ooooooo!! What fun! (उकारान्त  words )

Yup! Have resurfaced yet again! Trust you have had a wonderful Jan and Feb and are all set to continue with our lessons. Sanskrit Upasana has been a most rewarding experience and has equipped me with a greater insight into interactive teaching(or so i think!) i hope that it will reflect in my lessons henceforth. So keep your fingers crossed. Many more have joined us these last two months and to everyone of you a very warm welcome. Many more have reached lesson 31 and i think it's time we get back to work..... There are plenty of उकारान्त and ऊकारान्त words that we could come across....

Masculine: गुरु Guru, भानु sun, राहु Rahu, केतु Ketu, रघु Raghu, पुरु Puru,
Feminine: धेनु cow, शरयु  Sharayu,रेणु dust, चञ्चु beak, रज्जु rope, हनु chin,
Feminine: वधू / daughter- in - law, चमू army, जम्बू plum, श्वश्रू  mother-in-law, तनु  body
Neuter: मधु honey/ sweet, दारु wood, जानु knee, वस्तु thing, वसु wealth, अश्रु teardrop, श्मश्रु beard, सानु peak of a mountain. Supplement 20 will give you the declined forms of the masculine, the feminine and the neuter words. By now you will be quite comfortable with memorizing the tables.....you will have realized how similar the tables all are. It's just a question of being comfortable with the words....that's all.

                                                                           Over to exercises in  Appetizer Lesson 32 A.

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