Lesson 31 B. Answers to Exercises with इ and ईकारान्त  words.
                                                                         And Summing up Month 6
1. A monkey came into the Muni's ashram. To trouble the Muni, he threw  fruits onto the ground.
एकः कपिः मुनेः आश्रमम् आगच्छत् । मुनिं पीडयितुं सः फलानि भूमौ अक्षिपत् ।
2. The poets, to drink the cool water, went to the bank of the river.
कवयः शीतलं जलं पातुं नद्याः तटम् अगच्छन्/ कवयः शीतलं वारि पातुं नद्याः तटम् अगच्छन् ।
3. The  expert sculptor makes many idols everyday to sell in the market. निपुणः शिल्पकारः प्रतिदिनं विपणौ विक्रयणार्थं  मूर्तीः साधयति ।
4. The young girl entered the temple and with devotion did namaskara to the Lord. कुमारी देवालयम् अविशत् भक्त्या च देवम् अनमत् ।
5. The king's sword fell from his hand into the river. The servant, to look for it, jumped into the water.
भूपतेः खड्गः निजहस्तात् नद्याम् अपतत् । सेवकः तस्य अन्वेषणं कर्तुं वारिणि अकूर्दत् ।
6. The Yati, to perform a yajna, sat before the fire.
यतिः यज्ञं कर्तुम्  अग्नेः पुरतः असीदत् ।
7. Salutations to Gouri, Saraswati , to this yati and those poets.
गौर्यै  सरस्वत्यै एतस्मै यतये तेभ्यः कविभ्यः च नमः ।
8. In the night, the servant to go to sleep, placed a mat on the ground. रात्रौ, सेवकः शयनं कर्तुं  भूमौ कटम् अस्थापयत् / रात्रौ, सेवकः निद्रां कर्तुं  भूमौ कटम् अस्थापयत् ।
9. The lady of the house, with her fingers, drew a rangoli on the ground in front of her house. गृहिणी अङ्गुलीभिः निजगृहस्य पुरतः भूमौ रङ्गावलिम् आलिखत् ।




                                                                    Summing up Month 6.
Month 6 introduced us to plenty of new concepts. You would by now know:
  • The Lot-lakaar forms of the A.P., P.P. and the Kru. Dhatu.
  • That the Kru Dhatu is a real life saver and you can honestly relax on the verb memorizing front.
  • That life becomes more interesting if one has a past. ( Oh, dear... do excuse me... i mean, if you know the  past tense.)
  • That the tumants simplify sentence structures enormously.
  • That the Ravis, the Haris and the Nidhis are pretty thrilled now that they know how to decline themselves.
                                                      Eureka! Now we know enough to begin writing simple letters to one another in Sanskrit!
                                                 Lets now progress to Month 7 Where we learn  उकारान्त words, Twaant and Lyabant Avyayas.
                                                                             A "Mood"called "Vidhilin" and introduction to adjectives 
                                                                                                   "Good no?" said my little friend                                                                                                                                                                                    @@@@@@@@@@@@

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