Lesson 32 A. Appetizer Lesson Exercises with OO!

Nouns/Pronouns Verbs Adjectives
      द्रोणी bucket F
      दीक्ष् 1 AP to give mantra deeksha        आच्छादितः - तं - ता covered
      नारी, महिला  woman, F     
      कूपः  well M        प्र + हृ 1UP to attack   
      नूपुरः / नूपुरम्  anklet M/N       सम् + पीड् (10 PP to press)    

      तलम्  floor N   

      हिमः  M snow      
      काकः crow M      




Note: Some उ and ऊ कारान्त words have already been introduced in concept lesson 32.

1. Our Guru gives us deeksha.
2. The villager pulled the bucket from the well with a rope.
3. The mother-in -law told the bride , "Wash the clothes, cook the dinner, wipe the floor and press my feet." ( T.V. serials do colour one's creativity, do  they not?)
4. The lady went to the market to buy many things.
5. Krishna sat with Arjuna in the chariot between the two armies.
6. The Guru's grace is always on us.
7. The Himalaya's peaks are always covered with snow.
8. That cow's colour is white.
9. The crow attacked the cows with its beak.
10. The thief stole the anklets from the bride.

(Note: All this while, we have been translating "Guru" in the singular. I  have used the word Gurudeva and have used it in the plural. Now that we have learnt the OO karant words, it is time to introduce a new concept..... "Guru" is always spoken of in the plural. Even if i present English sentences with "Guru" in the singular, always translate it as plural.)
                                                                Answers follow in Lesson 32 B


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