Every Chitrāpur Sāraswat and every sincere seeker who comes to the spiritually vibrant Shrī Chitrāpur Mat̲h̲ ensconced in a verdant village called Shirālī in Karnāṭaka (Uttara  Kannaḍa), receives the abundant Grace and Blessings of Lord Bhavānīshaṅkar and of the eleven matchless Masters of a hallowed Guruparamparā which is over 300 years old. Inside the sacred Mat̲h̲ and its charged environs, a spiritual aspirant experiences the warmth of unconditional love, the kind one gets only in one's maternal home.

Built originally in 1757 to consecrate the Samādhi Sthala of the second Mat̲h̲ādhipati- Parama Pūjya Shaṅkarāshram Swāmījī I, the Shrī Chitrāpur Mat̲h̲ today has the consecrated idols and shrines of the community's Ārādhya Devatā – Lord Bhavānīshaṅkar, Devī Bhuvaneshwarī, Lord Gaṇapatī and the world renowned propagator of Advaita (non-dualism) - Shrī Ādi Shaṅkarāchārya. The Math also houses the holy Samādhi-s of six of the revered Mat̲h̲ādhipati-s and the Pādukā Sannidhi of the 10th Mat̲h̲ādhipati - Parama Pūjya Parijn͂ānāshram Swāmījī III.

From the soulful Suprabhātam to awaken the deities to the melodious Maṅgalam ending another eventful day, the Mat̲h̲ reverberates continuously to the chants of the Vaidika-s performing different kinds of pujā-s and homa-s to propitiate the Divine on behalf of individual sādhaka-s, entire families or for the benefit of the samāja as a whole. Apart from the Vardhantī and Samārādhanā (Puṇyatithi) of each of the priceless Mat̲h̲ādhipati-s of this hallowed Guruparamparā, all the major Hindu festivals and Utsava-s are celebrated here with traditional pomp and ceremony.