Lesson 23 E Summing up of Month 4.
By the end of the 4th month you would have achieved the following:
1.   Understood the usage of the Saptami and the Sambodhana.
2.   All the vibhaktis having been completed; the masculine, neuter and the feminine noun forms - राम, वन and माला would have been memorized. Ditto
      with all pronouns that have already been introduced.
3.   Learnt the imperative mood लोट् लकार of the P.P. and know how to use it.
4.   Know that verbs could be P.P., A.P. or U.P. and be able to differentiate between the P.P. and A.P.
5.   Know that verbs are divided into 10 Gana-s.
6.   Have learnt how to conjugate present tense verb forms of the 1st, 4th, 6th and the 10th Gana-s.
7.   Have begun to use the A.P. present tense verbs as well.
8.   Have begun to get familiar with the Asmad pronoun.
9.   Realized that Asmad is not governed by gender.
10. Deduced that Yushmad is not governed by gender either.
11. Well settled and comfortable with the lessons and looking forward to Month 5!
                                         On to month 5 where we exercise with Yushmad, know about Upasargas, about forming more complex
                                                  sentences and  much more! YOU ( युष्मद् ) are now in it deeply, I presume. But way to go!

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