Lesson 23. Asmad.
My little ones love to leave tiny handwritten notes for me in the most unexpected places. It is always a pleasure to come across them when making beds or amongst my books or in the refrigerator. To read a," I love you, Amma," or a “What can i do for you to make you happy?" is more than enough to keep me smiling through the day.
How would we be able to express our thoughts to the people we love without the I and the You? Most of the pauranic shlokas in our Shiva, Devi and Guru Pujans too have these forms. And so, to help us express ourselves better, we must now do both the ‚अस्मद् ‘I’ and the युष्मद् 'You' forms of pronouns. Let's concentrate on the 'I' group alone this week.  The 'You' group can be done next week.
The entire vibhakti table for both forms is in  Supplement 9. Model sentences using the declined words of each vibhakti, are given below. That should help you with your exercises.
अहं दादरविभागे वसामि |  I live in Dadar.
राम, मां पश्य |  Ram, look at me.
मया सह शारदा अपि अस्ति | Sharda is also with me.
मह्यं मा कुप्यतु | Do not be angry with me.
अहं सिंहः अतः सा मत् भयम् अनुभवति | I am a lion, that is why (therefore) she is afraid of me.
मम गृहं तत्र अस्ति | My house is there.
अध्यक्षस्य विश्वासः मयि नास्ति किम्? Does the superintendent not have faith in me?
Now a few sentences with the plural:
अस्माकं देशः भारतदेशः | Our country is Bharat.
वयं संस्कृतं पठामः | We study Sanskrit.
माता अस्मासु स्निह्यति | Mother loves us.


Please do make an effort to memorize the tables. The words given in brackets are also used frequently in many texts. Do not ignore them.

With the addition of the "From Our Library” series, the Banquet Lessons have been made shorter. Trust that that will be incentive enough to study all the new words in the stories thoroughly!      
                                                          Let us do some exercises in the next Lesson 23 A on अस्मद्                                   

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