Banquet Lesson 18 C. Exercises with the सप्तमी विभक्ति

Nouns Verbs
          कोष्ठः  room M
          पात्रम् vessel N
          स्थालिका plate F  
           स्निह् (स्निह्यति )  to love.
          कृष्णफलकः  blackboard M            स्था  (स्थापयति) to keep/ to place.
          शीतपेटिका refrigerator F            स्था  (तिष्ठति) to stand or wait.
          आसन्दः chair M
          दण्डदीपः tube-light M 
          पीड्(पीडयति) to trouble.
          व्यजनम् fan N    
          उत्पीठिका Table F   
          कपाटम् Cupboard N  
          पेटिका Suitcase F
          मञ्चः bed M
          पाचकः /बाष्पस्थाली Pressure Cooker/ also a cook! M  
          सङ्गणकः Computer M  
          चषकः glass ( what you drink from.)M
          कुटुम्बम् family N  
          प्रातःकालः morning M  
          मध्याह्नः afternoon M
          सायङ्कालः evening M  
          दिनम् day N   
          निशा night.F   



The Goblin. (वेतालः | Remember विक्रमः  and the वेतालः ?)                                             

 1. I live with my family in my home.
 2. My home is in Mallapur.
 3. Mallapur is a village in Karnataka.
 4. In my home are my father, my mother, my brother, his wife, my sister and her husband.
 5. In the morning, my mother goes to the kitchen.
 6. She cooks a meal .
 7. She puts the rice in the cooker.
 8. She puts the milk in the glasses and afterwards puts the glasses on the table.
 9. The people of the family sit on chairs around the table and eat a meal.
10. My father goes to the work place.
11. My brother is a teacher.
12. My sister is a teacher too.
13. Her husband is a farmer.
14. He goes to the field in the morning. 
15. I am a girl. I stay (wait at) home.
16. When my mother is in the kitchen, then I go to her room.
17. I look in the cupboard.
18. I take the clothes and the books from the cupboard and put them in the suitcase.
19. In the afternoon when my mother is in her room, then I go to the kitchen.
20. I put the milk-vessel in the cupboard and the pressure cooker in the refrigerator.
21. In the evening when the family's people are sitting around the table and talking, I go to my father's room.
22. I take his computer and put it in the bathroom.
23. The blackboard is in the room.
24. I write on it, " I am a goblin. This is my house.
25. This family is living in my house.
26. Therefore I am troubling the family's people."
27. My mother thinks that there is  a goblin in the house.
28. She is scared of goblins.
29. My father thinks that there are no goblins in the house.
30. When my mother is in the kitchen at night, then he waits in his room. 
31. I go to his room and take his books.
32. I put them on his bed.
33. My father catches the goblin with his hands and gives the goblin to his wife.
34. My father tells his goblin that when goblins trouble people in the house, then fathers hit those goblins with sticks.
35. I tell my father that this goblin is not troubling the family .
36. My father and my mother laugh. 
37. They are not angry with the goblin.
38. They love the goblin.
39. I love my family too.
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