Buffet Lesson 17 A. Exercises with S̲h̲as̲h̲t̲h̲i.

                                                        भल्लुकः  Bear M(animal!)  
                                                        सेना army F 
                                                        वात्सल्यम् Maternal/ paternal love. N
                                                        दूतः messenger M




 1. Krishna's father is Vasudeva.
 2. His mother is Devaki.
 3. Balarama is Krishna's brother.
 4. Subhadra is his sister.
 5. The Pandavas' father is Pandu.
 6. Sharada's book is here.
 7. Manohar's house is there.
 8. The Sun's light is everywhere.
 9. This is my messenger.
10. These are Kamat's restaurants.
11. These are Anuradha's tortoises.
12. These two girls are mine.
13. Those two boys are yours (F) 
14. Ram's wife is Sita.
15. Sita's husband is Ram.
My wife is Mrs. Shrek.( no, no, don't translate that! It was meant to wipe that frown off  भवतः / भवत्याःbrow!)
16. Luv and Kush's father is Ram.
17. Ram's sons are Luv and Kush.
18. Kaushalya and Sumitra's husband is Dasharath.
19. Raavan sees Ram's army. ( Trip-up alert)
20. The work-place's president is Mohan.
21. The students' teacher is Shyam
22. The two boys' mother is Tara.
23. The two students' bags are here.
24. The two teachers' school is there.

                                                   A sentence for each hour of the day! Answers follow in the next Lesson 17 B

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