Lesson 17. Relatively Possessed by षष्ठी

षष्ठी विभक्तिः


The षष्ठी विभक्तिः primarily denotes 1. possession and 2 .how someone is related to another.

What belongs to whom. Who is who's wife. Whose house is biggest. Whose salary is heftiest. Whose jewellery cost most..

A wonderfully gossipy विभक्तिः , if you ask me. So what if i don't have a Pinnochio like long and pokey nose, the षष्ठी विभक्तिः serves the purpose just as well...yes Sireee!!!  So we have...
 रामस्य पुस्तकम् | कृष्णस्य गृहम् | यमुनायाः जलम् | वृक्षस्य पत्रम् |



Working with the षष्ठी विभक्तिः requires you to know the words for relations (at least a few to begin with): father, mother, brother, sister, husband and wife.
Now some of them are ऋकारान्त words. The basic root word for father being  पितृ and of mother being मातृ | You needn't know how to decline them at this point in time. The form that you will use in today's sentences: प्रथमाविभक्ति एकवचनम् are forms you are already familiar with.... पिता and माता | Your sentences will therefore read: रामस्य पिता दशरथः (Yes, you have been told that जनकः is "Father", and it definitely is. पितृ is a synonym )



Hope the keys to your memory bank are handy and well oiled. Do you recall Lesson 5 ? Jagadeesha had very happily announced मम नाम जगदीशः| Let me give you a few sentences as examples:
मम पिता कृष्णानन्दः | My father is Krishnanand.( अस्ति is not mandatory since it is clearly understood, but you can add it if you like.)
मम माता शैलजा | My mother is Shailaja.
भवतः नाम विवेकः | Your name is Vivek.
भवत्याः नाम दुर्गा | Your name is Durga.
रामस्य वस्त्राणि अत्र सन्ति | Ram's clothes are here.
वृक्षस्य पत्रं  पतति | The tree's leaf falls.



मम, भवतः and भवत्याः are षष्ठी विभक्तिः एकवचनम् declined forms .



All this " coloured grammar stuff" is simply for your information. For the moment,  we need just those three words, मम, भवतः  and भवत्याः,  to form sentences. So thou shalt panic not.

Here are the already declined words that you will need to use:
पिता father, माता mother, भ्राता brother, भगिनी sister, पतिः husband, भार्या wife. मम mine, भवतःand भवत्याः yours.

An interesting idea: Do you remember our Chaturthi lesson with उमामहेश्वराभ्यां नमः ? What has been done here is that two words have been put together and then used as a dual word from the correct vibhakti. Keep this in mind when doing today's exercises.

Do see this stotra   Gurupaduka Stotram for extensive usage of this topic.

With next week's lesson, we will have finished our vibhaktis
(Celebration Time!!!) and i will begin to introduce to you all our whatever कारान्त words. Our Supplement section will soon begin to look like a well fed cat. These whatever कारान्तwords will also lose their mysterious halo. Poor things.

                                                     Ready then for our Buffet and Banquet with a few close relatives?

                                                                            Over to Lesson 17 A for Exercises

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