Buffet Lesson 16 A  Exercises with the Panchami .

Nouns Verbs  Avyayas
                  हलम् plough N         कृष् (कर्षति) ploughs         बहिः outside.
                  मेघः cloud M       वस् (वसति) lives.        अनन्तरम् /  परम् /उर्ध्वम् after.
                  सरोवरः lake M          प्राक् before.
                  वर्षा rain F          विना without
                 अङ्कुरः Sprout M          
                 बीजम् seed N    
                 सिंहः lion M    
                 मृगः deer M    
                 मित्रम् friend N
                 मित्रः Sun M    
                 प्रकाशः light M    
                 परः other( as in somebody else; stranger) M    
                 तापः heat M




 1. The boy is falling from the palace.
 2. These flowers are falling from that creeper.
 3. This girl is afraid of that bad man.
 4. These farmers drive away these goats from this field.
 5. Rain falls from clouds.
 6. Outside the house is a school.
 7. After play, i go home
 8. Before studies i eat a meal.
 9. Without Krishna, Radha does not dance.( Make sentences with द्वितीया, तृतीया and पञ्चमी विभक्ति )
10. Light arises from the Sun.
11. She brings water from the lake.
12. Sprouts arise from seeds.
13. The students study lessons from the teacher.
14. The deer are afraid of the lion.
15. The two friends are not afraid of the Sun.

Make sentences with:
हलेन and मित्रेण |
And that should do quite nicely.
Check out the Banquet lessons for more practice. Banquets will also include revision work with all lessons done so far.
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