Lesson  16. Panchami -पञ्चमी विभक्तिः  |

                                                                                   And i have promises to keep
And miles to go before i sleep.

Today's lesson will be a simple one, just as i promised last week.



The king protects the kingdom from the bad men . रक्ष्  ( रक्षति )
     नृपः राज्यं दुर्जनेभ्यः रक्षति |
The Ganga arises from the Himalayas.    उद् + भू (उद्भवति)
     गङ्गा हिमालयात् द्भवति |
The farmer drives away the goat from his field. वृ (वारयति)
      कृषकः अजां तस्य क्षेत्रात् वारयति |
 I bring fruits from the shop. आ + नी (आनयति)
      अहं फलानि आपणात् आनयामि |
 She throws the ball from (her) hand. क्षिप् (क्षिपति)

       सा कन्दुकं (तस्याः) हस्तात् क्षिपति |



          अहं चोरात् भयम् अनुभवामि |
          लक्ष्मणः रावणात् भयं न अनुभवति |



बहिः outside.
गृहात् बहिः वृक्षः अस्ति | Outside the house, is a tree.
अनन्तरं / परम् / ऊर्ध्वम्  after.
भोजनात् अनन्तरम् अहं फलं खादामि I eat a fruit after a meal
प्राक् before. भोजनात् प्राक् अपि अहं फलं खादामि I I eat a fruit before a meal too.
विना without.( Also used with the द्वितीया and तृतीया विभक्ति, remember??)
रामात् (रामं/रामेण) विना अहं गृहात् बहिः न गच्छामि | Without Ram i am not going outside the house.
Last week's " चवती खाण" (Ganesh Chaturthi eatables, to the uninitiated) set me thinking... we might have cases of indigestion with the number of sentences set for translations. How about two groups of translations?
1. "Buffet" that will cater to the people who need to "take away" with them just a few sentences to understand the concept and
2. "Banquet" that will cater to those serious "sit down" students who  have appreciated the long drawn out fare that i have been dishing out so far and who prefer a solid 3 course practice.



Now  that we are equipped to handle Buffet Lessons 16 A (Exercises) and 16 B (Answers) and Banquet Lessons 16 C 

                                                      (Exercises)  and 16 D (Answers),shall we begin?


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