Isn't it a well known fact that once a person loses his "Chair" he is no longer respected? There is a story of the Head of the Department in an office, who visited his office after three months post retirement. The new inciumbent had changed everything, allotted new duties and his old "Loyal" staff had no time for him! That is why the politicians many a time try to cling to their chair. 


The subhashita below brings this stark fact so telling a manner that once we read this Subhashita, we would not forget the imagery.


स्थानभ्रष्टाः न शोभन्ते दन्ताः केशाः नखः नराः |

इति विज्ञाय मतिमान् स्वस्थानं न परित्यजेत् ||


स्थानभ्रष्टाः  स्थानात् भ्रष्टाः इति स्थानभ्रष्टाः those who are displaced from their Seats,  न शोभन्ते do not retain their old glory, for example, the teeth, the hair (and so is the case with ) the people.  इति विज्ञाय  having understood this well, मतिमान्  the intelligent one, न परित्यजेत्  shold not leave स्वस्थानं one's (allotted or attained ) place.


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