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Dear friends, you have been using the Girvanapratishtha WEB lessons in PDF format. These lessons are downloadable, can be read offline and copied if need be, by you. You can also read through a complete lesson at one go, in the PDF format. This format has been found very useful by our students, since the beginning.

At times, one feels the need to listen to a word or sentence as it is pronounced, or to see the visual of a thing described. In order to embed voice, videos and images, Girvanapratishtha is going to provide the lessons in "HTML format” as well. These will eventually replace the PDF lessons, as the HTML format is more convenient for embedding audio clip. For a while, PDF lessons will continue, but will eventually be phased out, There will be no ne updates in PDF.
We have provided the lesson-wise index. This will be improved to be in “Searchable mode” (so that one can search for a given concept that one has studied earlier)
In the index, if you click on the lesson, the lesson opens, and, one can then go through the lesson with audios interspesed where we found necessary. You may kindly indicate if you feel need for audios at specific places. We shall also add other useful links as the days go by. Your suggestions are most welcome.There will be better presentation in the offing. In the meanwhile, enjoy the new format and please do give us your valuable feedback.
शुभम् भवतु |
Team Girvanapratishtha

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