Subhashita 25. Why worry when the Lord is there?
येन शुक्लीकृताः हंसाः, शुकाः च हरितीकृताः |
मयूराः चित्रिताः येन, सः ते वृत्तिं विधास्यति ||


येन by whom  शुक्लीकृताः are made white  हंसाः the swans,  शुकाः the parrots  च and हरितीकृताः are made green ,
मयूराः the peacocks चित्रिताः  are made multi-coloured  येन  by whom, सः ते वृत्तिं course of action विधास्यति will bestow
By whom the swans have been made white, the parrots green and the peacocks multi-coloured, He will look after your needs.... bestow all that is needed for your sustenance.
So why worry?

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