Subhashita 23. Generous trees.

Sandhi rules MUST be followed in poetry. Now that we have learnt a little bit of sandhi, you will begin to appreciate subhashitas even more.
Can you identify the three different places in today's subhashita where sandhi rules have been applied?

छायामन्यस्य कुर्वन्ति तिष्ठन्ति स्वयमातपे |
फलान्यपि परार्थाय वृक्षाः सत्पुरुषाः इव ||


छायाम् shade अन्यस्य of others कुर्वन्ति ( trees ) do तिष्ठन्ति  stand
स्वयम् (while they) themselves आतपे in the sunlight. (they bear the heat of the Sun)
फलानि (their) fruits (are)‚अपि also परार्थाय for others वृक्षाः trees
सत्पुरुषाः good people  इव like.
Trees are like good people. They themselves stand in the sunlight  and make shade for another. (Their) fruits are (also) for (the benefit) of others.

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