Subhashita 10. From Darkness to Light.
   Diwali is just around the corner. While going through my collection of Subhashitas to get one appropriate for the occasion, i found a very pretty one that had faint touches of what i personally feel about the festival. Diwali... a row of bright lights that light up a dark amavasya night....a mind dark with ignorance being led towards the light of knowledge.
   While this idea is more spiritual by nature and is applicable to a Guru-Shishya relationship, we might connect to today's subhashita better as students of Sanskrit.
   What makes one a good student? What brings about a change in thought and understanding? What is required of a student to reach his/ her full potential?
यः पठति लिखति पश्यति परिपृच्छति पण्डितानुपाश्रयति |
तस्य दिवाकरकिरणैः नलिनीदलमिव विकास्यते बुद्धिः |


यः He who  पठति studies लिखति writes पश्यति watches परिपृच्छति asks questions पण्डितान् उपाश्रयति  approaches / keeps in touch with the learned, तस्य बुद्धिः His intellect विकास्यते  is made to bloom नलिनीदलम् इव  like the petal of the lotus दिवाकरकिरणैः (touched) by the rays of the Sun.
   If we look at it deeply enough, the words प्रणिपातेन, परिप्रश्नेन सेवया seem to be hidden in there somewhere. To approach our Guru in complete surrender, to be immersed in गुरुकार्य, to do what He would most want us to do.... live a vibrant life in sadhana... swadhyaya, japa, dhyana, vimarsha, paramarsha...... is to make ourselves appropriate vessels to receive Divine Grace. And then we will bloom just like the lotus.... and from the dark be led to light.

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