Subhashita 8. Flattery.
उष्ट्राणां विवाहेषु गीतं गायन्ति गर्दभाः |
परस्परं प्रशंसन्ति अहो रूपम् अहो ध्वनिः ||


उष्ट्राणां विवाहेषु  In the weddings of camels ( During the wedding ceremonies of camels)  गीतं गायन्ति गर्दभाः the donkeys sing songs.
परस्परं प्रशंसन्ति They praise one another अहो रूपम् ( with the donkeys saying) " What beauty!"  अहो ध्वनिः (and the camels saying) "What a melodious voice!"
      There are many subhashitas that deal with the character and nature of men. They give us an insight into peoples' minds, the way people work, building up on our sensitivity in terms of recognizing human tendencies. Here's hoping that we  meet the "difficult ones" only in the course of our study of subhashitas!
         Today's is especially relevant in modern times. How many times have we come across people who resort to Amul or Brittania buttering up to get their work done? It's sad, isn't it, that they are willing to be untrue to themselves to attain imagined success. For how can one be absolutely sure that that success is truly deserved? And in that mirage, can one be truly happy?
Give us a world where success is dependent on capacity, sheer hard work, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm, where we needn't behave like the camels and the donkeys in our subhashita....then see the miracles that can be wrought!

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