Subhashita 7. With due apologies to my doctor friends!
    You can well imagine the level of satiety we genteel folk might have reached with all our चवती खाण, buffets and banquets. Many of us would  not only have reached it but pole vaulted over as well. Before calling over the friendly neighbourhood doctor though, take a quick look at this week's subhashita...
वैद्यराज नमस्तुभ्यं यमराजसहोदर |
यमस्तु हरति प्राणान् त्वं तु प्राणान् धनानि च ||


वैद्यराज O physician, यमराज  Yamaraj (The God of Death) सहोदर brother नमः  Salutations तुभ्यं to you( Chaturthi vibhakti of the word "you")
यमः Yama तु but ( in this case, "only") हरति takes away  प्राणान्  lives
त्वं You  तु but( take away) प्राणान्  lives च and धनानि money ||
    Salutations to you, O physician,  brother of Yamaraj, the God of death! The purpose of Yama's visit is to take away life; but when you pay a visit, you rob us of life and money as well!!
     I can bet that my dear doctor friends are growling as they read this right now. It does not seem to be a smart move on my part putting up this subhashita with the festive season upon us. Look at it this way...I wouldn't pull your leg, if you weren't dear to me...(and if I weren't so sure that you'd be duty bound to help me when I asked for your help!) Maybe you could do some research and unearth a subhashita that targets smart alec Sanskrit teachers. I promise I'll put them up on the site the minute you do!!

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