Lesson 60 A. Exercises with Numbers
Working with the Cardinals

1. The father goes with two sons to the market.
2. The mother was angry with her four daughters.
3. The teacher loves her hundred students.
4. Krishna received fruits and flowers from the five Pandavas.
5. The cat spoke to the eight dogs.
6. Around the twelve lakes are sixteen mountains.
7. Salutations to the ten avatars of Vishnu.
8. The cowherd is sitting near twenty five cows.
9. The naughty monkey jumped on a champa tree, a parijat tree and a banana.
10. The thin man likes a mango, six chapatis , one and a half bananas and two teaspoonsful of sugar at 3:00 o'clock in the morning.


Name/Pronouns Adjectives
      पृष्ठम्  page.          परः - परं - परा others.
      कृष्णपक्षः  dark fortnight     
      शुक्लपक्षः bright fortnight    
      मासः month. 
      पोलिका chapati   




Translate the following.

1. The teacher gave a gift to that girl who stood first amongst all the others.
2. The ninth boy is Madhav.
3. This is the sixth chapati that I am eating.
4. Call the first four boys here.
5. I do not want to ask him again a second time. ( trip up alert!)
6. I fast on the eleventh day of the bright fortnight of every month.
7. Bring the book from the tenth table in the classroom.
8. The fifth group of children is coming in the evening.
9. The twenty-fifth day of June is a Saturday.
10. I go to the library every eighth day.

                                                                               Answers in Lesson 60 B follow


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