Lesson 55A. Exercises with the शतृ प्रत्यय.

Translate the following sentences.
1. The woman is washing clothes.
2. The two boys are playing in the field.
3. The two girls are eating fruits.
4. The mother who is reading is also listening to songs.
5. The man who is going is holding his son's hand.
6. The lions who are growling slowly are watching the deer that are running towards the lake.
7. The father is telling a story to his daughter who is listening with attention.
8. Radha was drinking milk when her friend was entering her house.
9. Mohan, who is walking with Shyam who was talking, is looking at the scene around them.
10. The girls who are studying will be successful in the examination.

                                                                  Answers follow in Lesson 55 B


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