Lesson 54 A.(Translate the following)

Translate the following:
1. These lessons ought to be studied for the examination.
2. On Guru Purnima Day, the puja of Veda Vyas , who is worthy of being saluted, is performed.
3. That news, that is there in the newspaper, ought to be forgotten.
4. Yes, that is possible.
5. Go to Your Guru Who is worthy of being served and offer your pranama-s.
6. Place those eatables on the plate.
7. Look at that lovely scene which is worthy of being seen.
8. Two beautiful songs have been written by her which are worthy of being sung.
9. He ought to come tomorrow. ( Passive)
10. Sanskrit ought to be taught in every school.
                                                                                                     Answers follow in Lesson 54 B


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