Lesson 47 A. Exercises with the Past Passive Participle.

Translate the sentences (first use the Active Past Participle....for further practice, you may try this exercise using the verb forms as well) and THEN convert them into the passive voice using the Past Passive Participle.
1. I remember the story.
2. Sheela sang a song.
3. Kishore saw the tree.
4. I received the news.
5. The students (M) understood the lessons.
6. The boys saw the movie.
7. The women cooked the meal.
8. The men washed the dishes.
9. The people watched television.
10. The girls asked the teacher questions.
11. The wealthy man gave the beggar a bag.

The next few sentences, since we have no specific subject in the Active sentences, are best translated ONLY in the passive...you'll be surprised at how simple these translations really are.

12. Understood? (my most favourite one-worder....my students hear it all the time.)
13. Read the lesson?
14. Has the newspaper arrived?
15. Eaten your meal?
16. Seen this movie?
17. Has the bus gone?
18. Is the speech over?
19. Is the puja over?
20. Is the lesson over?

                                                                              Answers follow in Lesson 47 B


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