Lesson 45 A. Exercises with the Active Past Participle.

      लोकयानस्थानकम् bus-stop N   
      प्रमाणपत्रम् certificate N  
      इन्द्रचापम्  rainbow N 
      वक्तृ speaker M
      विज्ञानम्  Science N


 1. The priest worshipped the Lord.
 2. The boy went.
 3. The men stood near the bus-stop.
 4. The women wore sarees.
 5. The volunteers did the work.
 6. The two girls wrote the lessons in their books.
 7. The student obtained the certificate from the president of the work-place.
 8. When the mother called, the boys got up and sat on the bed.
 9. The mother told the daughter a story.
10.The father cleaned the floor with a clean cloth.
11.The two boys ate the fruits.
12.The two girls ate the bananas.
13.The cloud thundered in anger during the rainy season.
14.Saarika sang a song for the people.
15.The man sat under a tree and thought.
16.The girl gave a book to the teacher.
17.The people saw the rainbow in the sky.
18.The Rishi meditated on the Lord in the morning.
19.The cook cooked the meal quickly.
20.The students studied before the exam.
21.The speaker spoke about Science.
22.The father placed the books on the table.
23.The people laughed when they heard the speaker's speech.

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