Lesson 44 A. Exercises with Takaaraanta words.

Translate using भवत्

1. Are you a doctor?
2. What is your name?
3. All of you, please sit down.
4. This book is being read by you.
5. She will not be angry with you.
6. Does the teacher have faith in you?
7. I think that he is afraid of you.
8. Who is Shekhar amongst you?
9. He will tell you tomorrow.
10. She sees you.
1. The rich man is going to the market with the intelligent man.
2. Ramesh is going to school with the ones who have good qualities.
3. The water of the river is clean.
4. The world is beautiful.
5. The big building's name is "Laxmi Narayan Sadan."
6. The great river flows fast.
7. The clever people's meeting is here in this auditorium.
8. The big book is on the table. ( Use both  ग्रन्थ  M and पुस्तक N)
9. I will tell you a great story.
10. The Himalayas are the greatest among the mountains in the world.
                                                                                              Answers follow in the next Lesson 44 B

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