Lesson 44. Ta kaaraanta words.
Here is a list of त्  कारान्त words. To help you decline them,  Supplement 36 is up on the site too.
Masculine  and feminine words that are declined in the same manner:
मरुत्  wind M, भूभृत् king/ mountain M, दिनकृत् day M , भगवत् The Lord M, हनुमत्  Hanumaan M, भवत्  You( with respect) M, सरित् river F, योषित् a young woman F,  विद्युत्  Lightening F.


Neuter  Ta kaaranta words are declined like जगत्  world N......वियत्  sky N , बृहत् big, are two examples of Ta kaaranta N words.
There are a few adjectives like
महत् big/great, गुणवत् full of good qualities, धनवत् rich, बुद्धिमत् intelligent, धीमत् intelligent, श्रीमत् rich/one with prosperity, auspiciousness etc, आयुष्मत् long lived one, and other adjectives like कियत् how much, इयत्  this much,यावत् as much, तावत् that much....  are declined like भगवत् if Masculine , like जगत्  if N and like नदी  if Feminine. The feminine forms would be महती, गुणवती, धनवती, बुद्धिमती, धीमती, श्रीमती, आयुष्मती,  कियती, इयती, यावती, तावती ।


The three forms भगवत्, जगत्  and नदी  are extremely important. You need to memorize them. Please do make an attempt to do so.
Two words that you will use constantly in your conversation are भवान् and भवती । They mean "you" but are the you forms of respect as in the Hindi "आप "। Though they mean "you" they are not put into the मध्यमः  पुरुषः । Instead they take the प्रथमः पुरुषः  and you will be making sentences like.... भवान् गच्छति । भवती गच्छति । भवान् मोदकं खादतु । भवती जलं पिबतु । भवान् अगच्छत् । भवती पिबेत् । भवान् पठिष्यति । भवती कार्यं करिष्यति।


i hope that i have been able to put that idea across clearly.
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