Lesson 43 A.  Exercises with Passive Constructions in लोट् लकार ।

Translate, first into the कर्तरि and then into the कर्मणि । One has been done for you. ( Sentences 1 -6 and 10...imagine addressing this to any one of these: त्वम् , भवान् , भवती )

1. See the bird. खगं पश्यतु ।
    Let the bird be seen. खगः दृश्यताम् ।
2. Accept this gift.
3. Eat the meal.
4. Write the letter.
5. Write the two letters.
6. Write the many letters.
7. (You,) read the book. (use ग्रन्थ  M)
8. (All of you,) read the book. (use ग्रन्थ   M)
9. (The two of you,) read the book. (use ग्रन्थ    M)
10. Cook the food.
11. (You,) drink the milk.
12. (He ) Drink the milk.
13. (The two of them) Drink the milk.
14. (All of them)Drink the milk.
15. (I) Beg for knowledge.
16. (The two of us )Beg for knowledge.
17. (All of us) Beg for knowledge.
18. (I ) See you.
19. (You)See me.
20. Give me the book. (use ग्रन्थ  M) ( Note: the other vibhaktis in the active remain the same in the passive. Only the object and the subject jump  around.)
21. (You) Give me the book.
22. (He) Give me the book.
23. (They) Give me the book.
24. (All of you) Give me the book.
25. (The two of them) Give me the book.
26. (The two of you) Give me the book.

                                                                                     Answers follow in Lesson 43 B


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