Lesson 42 A. कर्मणि वाक्य रचना Present tense forms.

Translate each of the following sentences first into the कर्तरि  and then into कर्मणि । One has been done for you:
1.    The boy is eating a fruit. बालकः फलं खादति ।
       The fruit is being eaten by the boy. बालकेन फलं खाद्यते ।
2.    The woman is wearing a saree.
3.    The girl is reading two books.
4.    The writer is writing many articles.
5.    The writers are writing many articles.
6.    The two writers are writing many articles.
7.    The man obtains blessings.
8.    The devotees obtain blessings.
9.    Ganesh eats modaks.
10.  The devotees do namaskaar to the Lord.
11.  The women tolerate unhappiness.
12.  The boy touches the horse.
13.  I touch the horse.
14. The horse sees me.
15. The horse sees you.
16. The student goes to the village.
17. The men go to the village.
18. The girl falls.
19. The girls fall.
20. The beggar begs for wealth.
21. The girl stands.
22. The girls stand.
23. The teacher asks a question.
24. The king drinks the milk.
25. The mother gives food.
26. The father sells grain.
27. The volunteer does the work.
28. The volunteers do the work.

                                                                       Answers follow in the next lesson 42 B


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