Lesson 41 A. Exercises with the Future Tense.

Nouns Avyaya
      प्राणिसङ्ग्रहालयः  zoo ( M)            सम्यक् well, correct, right manner.
      विपणिः  market ( F)     
      स्वयंसेवकः  volunteer ( M)    
      कार्यक्रमः  function ( M) 
      लोकयानस्थानकम्  bus stop (N )   




1. On Saturday, we are going to the zoo to see the lion.
2. Will you come to the market with me tomorrow? ( Recall: sentences can be converted into questions if you add किम्  to the end of the sentence OR if you begin the sentence with अपि)
3. Don't worry, my volunteers will do the work happily( with happiness)
4. Lata will sing at the function.
5. I will know only tomorrow if she can come or not.( you'll probably need to take a peek at the answers for this one.)
6. The teacher will give gifts to the student who will study well.
7. Let's see what will happen.
8. The boys are sure to ask me why I did not come yesterday to school.
9. Boys will become adolescents.
10.  She will wait at the bus stop for me at 2:00.

                                                                      Answers follow in the next Lesson 41 B

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